Sauces and Spreads*

Basil Pesto

Fire Roasted Red Pepper Spread

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

Lemon Herb and Garlic Sauce

Pepper Basil and  Chive

Garlic Spread

Chopped Garlic in Oil

Basil Puree

* Note: All our retail Pesto's and Sauces are Gluten-Free

Dips and Salsas

Smoked Cheddar and Ale – Locally made smoked aged cheddar combined with micro brewed Ontario ale.

Balderson Cheddar and Jalapeno Dip – Creamy and sharp with a hit of heat.

Pepper and Chive – Colorful spinach/Parmesan Romano blend- based dip blended with fire roasted peppers, fresh chives and cayenne peppers.

Authentic Salsa Mexicana – Thin tomato based sauce, refreshing with lime, onion and cilantro; served with authentic tortilla chips.

Southwest Black Bean Dip – Low fat, flavorful alternative for the diet conscious; spiked with cumin, smoked tomato and garlic.

Pico de Gallo – Fresh and vibrant finely diced salsa, can be served as an appetizer or an accompaniment to a seafood dish.

Salsa Fresca – Vibrant green sauce, refreshingly light and zesty, made with fresh local ingredients.

Classic Ranch – From the original Texas ranch recipe.

Brie Spread – Made with Québec artisan cheeses

Mole – A classic Mexican recipe.

Hummus – Classic Mediterranean spread and dip.

Peppadew – The first truly new and unique fruit to be discovered since the kiwi in the 1970's, Peppadew is not only rich in flavor but also has great nutritional benefits.

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